Barbra Katalogi tkanin

Jacek Kowierski
95-054 Ksawerów
ul. Tymiankowa 23
tel. 42 213 84 15
kom. 603 675 735

Barbra has over 23 years of experience in preparing various types of customized patterns and swatch cards of different materials. Catalogues made by our company are used by foreign companies (especially German) and the Polish ones. Our products find use in promotion and sales of fabrics, knitted fabrics and curtains in form of: Fabrics can be presented in a lying form (swatch cards and catalogues of fabrics) or the shade cards, as well as hanging shawls. The presentation form of fabric samples is always adapted to customer needs and expectations. We are available to advise customized solution based on long tradition and methodology of manufacturing highest quality samples which will meet your expectations. We pride ourselves in the quality of product we produce and we guarantee that you will be impressed with final product produced by Barbra. In addition to production of a complete catalogues, we offer the creation of semi-products such as: